Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Warby Parker Four-Eyes Showdown

I got my first pair of glasses in 6th grade, when I realized I was the only one who couldn't read the red marker on the board. But it was my sophomore year of high school before I realized that I needed vision correction all the time. This realization came after a particular embarrassing morning, when I climbed the stairs into the hallway and saw someone waving an enthusiastic greeting. I waved back, a huge smile on my face, but having absolutely no idea who the blurry figure was. "Hey!" I shouted. "How's it going?" By that point I was close enough to make out a general sense of confusion, and the realization that I didn't know this person hit me at the exact moment I realized he/she was waving at a person behind me. And they were both cool, good-looking, turning-their-noses-up-at-me seniors.

I never went without my glasses-- and later, contacts-- again.

Picking out a new pair of glasses isn't like picking out any other piece of clothing or accessory. You're essentially picking out a new feature for your face. I try to pick a pair that's cool enough to make me look good when I don't feel good, but that won't detract from the rest of my look.

I've been eyeing (see what I did there?) Warby Parker for a while, and I've decided to take the plunge and get a pair. They have fantastic customer service, as well as a Home Try-on program that allows you to try on five different frames at home fo' free. The only problem is that they have too many great-looking options... so I've had three boxes shipped to my house. The first box was pretty good, and held my current favorites. The second box was a total bust, and the third box, which I got last night, has the best selection yet.

Without further ado, help me pick! Vote for your favorites in the comments below.

#1: The Beckett in Striped Evergreen (the current frontrunner)

#2: The Huxley in Whiskey Tortoise

#3: The Bensen in Olivewood

#4: The Preston in Gimlet Tortoise
#5: The Wiloughby in Tennessee Whiskey

Disclaimer: I'm not getting any kick-back from Warby Parker in return for this post. I'm genuinely excited about their product and business model!


  1. Easily #5. You look good in all of them but the last ones are you.

  2. You are pretty; glasses #1 and #5 do the best job keeping up with you. I would actively disrecommend #2 (as a less-flattering version of #1) and #4 (as the shape doesn't go as well with your lovely face and, if the photo is true to life, the color of lighter bits distract from your hair).

    1. Thanks, Jenny! That's so sweet and helpful.

  3. I like 1, 2 and 5 :) Soooo cute!!!

  4. #1 or #5??? These are all super cute though - I've NEVER made a good glasses purchase, which is probably why the only human who's ever seen me in them is Paigey, my roommate.

  5. I personally vote for 1, 2, or 3. Agree with Jenny on the comments about the shape and color of #4.
    If I had to pick one I'd pick 3.
    ps- you're cute.