Thursday, January 10, 2013

Five Reasons Why Today Was A Good Day

1. Dropping off my dry cleaning at 8am made me feel as though I'm successfully navigating the waters of adulthood.

2. As did still having time to get Starbucks before arriving at work early.

3. I took my lunch to a bench outside the Capitol and spent roughly 48 minutes facing the welcome, blazing glory of the sun.

4. That squirrel at the top? I fed him out of my hand. Twice. I couldn't help it! He hopped up to my bench and stood on his back legs, holding his front paws close to his chest. He stared deep into my eyes. Please? he said. Might I have I have a crumb of bread? Who am I to deny his boldness? I gave him a good chunk of the crust off my sandwich. He scampered to the nearest tree and ate the treat in the crook of a branch; I felt an enormous amount of pleasure.

5. The afternoon brought an out-of-the-office errand, chauffeured by a friend. He told me I'm over-thinking the whole writing thing, which I am. He told me to start again, and to start small, and to include pictures. So I did.

1 comment:

  1. we should all make lists like this every now and then! and i'm so jealous that you fed a squirrel - you're a braver soul than i! :)