Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: A Year in Photos

I have such a mixed set of emotions when I reflect on this past year, and when I think about what 2013 may bring. Relief that 2012 is over, trepidation over the challenges of 2013, wistfulness at the beautiful memories, and hope for fresh adventures. But rather than blubbering on, here's the year as it appeared through my camera lenses. 


My trusty steed, Dave the Laugh, rolled over to 200,000 miles.

Went to visit Ally at Washington University in St. Louis. Felt like I'd entered Hogwarts.


Had a Valentine's Day crafternoon at the law office.

Went visit Meagan at Baylor. Above, engaging in the tortilla-tossing ritual in the wee hours of the morning. Below, the Rowell girls with Judge Baylor himself.


Went back across the pond to visit my Oxford chums.

Visited my favorite pub in the whole world, only to discover it was closed.

Bought an ungodly amount of Percy Pigs.

Went back to the States, and straight to the front row of an Avett Brothers' concert in Wichita.

Had a St. Patty's Day kegger in the office. Didn't you?


Started a Public Relations internship at Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the most beautiful building in the country.

Sustained a traumatic toe injury. That's what I get for diligently putting away clean laundry on a Saturday night.

Celebrated Carrie's ending bachelorette-hood at a Royal's game.


Continued interning at Kauffman; got the privilege to "work" the Aretha Franklin concert.

Drove across Kansas.


The Horton House added an adorable puppy.

 Turned 23. Celebrated with friends, dogs, croquet, and Pimms.

Carrie got married!

Dad and I went to Red Rocks to see Wilco. I nearly died of happiness.

Colorado burned.


Dave met his end after I lost control on a slippery road.

This happened. 

 Died of happiness again at a Josh Ritter concert in the Crossroads.

And again, seeing the Avett Brothers' for the third time in twelve months.


Hung out with the extended fam, and its newest addition Henley.

The family came to visit, and Dad caught a pop fly!


I got really into making pies. Like, really into.

THIS HAPPENED. Published(ish) in the print issue of The Atlantic.


Donned a suit and heels and interviewed in DC.

Got the job. My darling roommates bought me some bubbly to celebrate.

Left Kansas City, even after Smokey protested.


Moved into an adorable rowhouse apartment in Eastern Market.

Petted a pig. Dream come true.

Found a wonderful church, only four blocks away.


 Went to the National Zoo. Died of too much cuteness.

Went home to Colorado for Thanksgiving. Was completely speechless at this view.


Meagan visited DC and promptly took over.

Went home for Christmas, and Dad surprised us with a festive train ride through the Royal Gorge.

Felt extraordinarily grateful for my life, even as unpredictable as it's become.

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