Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Home sweet home.

I've been here three weeks now, but it feels like ages. I'm getting the hang of the lingo ("in transition" = "used to be ghetto but slowly getting un-ghetto), walking really fast for no reason (even on the way home), and wearing headphones so weirdos don't talk to me on the metro ("hiya, which stop are you getting off at tonight?").

Though, until Monday, I still felt entirely unsettled. While you wouldn't know it from the state of my room (more on that in a sec), I really like having all my ducks in a row. I like orderly processes; I have to know that doing A will get me to B. So when A doesn't exist, I go into lockdown mode.

For two and a half weeks, A was a permanent place to live. So for two and a half weeks, I lived in vacation-but-not-vacation limbo. I was staying in someone else's house and eating all my meals out and watching six-hour marathons of New Girl, but I was also trudging through a 45-minute commute and wearing clothes more than once since I couldn't ever snag a place in the laundry line and getting completely lost any time I ventured out in the borrowed van.

In the end, I didn't have to look at that many places before finding The One. And now, it's my pleasure to give you the tour of my home base. Come visit any time. The couch is quite comfortable.

I've always wanted a) a rowhouse and b) an address with a fraction in it.
Living room, which is connected to the...


The unfortunate state of my room. We'll talk about the mattress situation at a later date, as well as my notable lack of any furniture in which to put my clothing.

Now that A is firmly established, I can't wait to see what B through Z have in store.

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