Monday, June 4, 2012

The Most Genius Marketing Strategy

One of my co-workers had a little glass bowl of Dove chocolates on her desk. As I'm sure you know, the inside of the foil wrapper of a Dove chocolate has a little inspirational message printed on it-- not quite a fortune, but a little pick-me-up.

I ate two (unashamedly) while filing the other day, and the secret of Dove's success smacked me right in the mouth.

Here it is:

Dove chocolate is delicious in its own right. But Mars went so far as to put these pampering messages on the inside, which subliminally point the consumer right back to the product.

My train of thought was something like this: "Filing is boring. I'm going to stretch my legs. Oo, Jamie has chocolate on her desk. I'm going to eat one while I walk back to the filing shelf. What does the wrapper say? Think of something that makes you smile. Uh, that delicious piece of chocolate made me smile. Once I finish filing, I'll reward myself with another smile. By eating another piece of chocolate. What does this one say? Make time for yourself. I could certainly make time for myself with another piece of CHOCOLATE." Fortunately, the bowl was now empty, cutting off my cycle of self-indulgence.

Dove's slogan is even "Savor Your Moment." You don't have enough you-moments, they say. You spend all your days doing things for everyone else. You deserve time for yourself. You deserve to smile. You deserve chocolate, you selfless humanitarian, you. 

How often, though, do those you-moments become our sole focus, pursuit, and reward? How often do we begrudge our time to others because it interrupts all the time we want to spend on ourselves? How often do we fool ourselves into thinking that we're annoyingly busy because everyone else demands all our time, when really, we just don't want to give it?

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