Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Sabbatical

It’s been quite the month. Actually, I think this is the first time I’ve sat down on my couch in all that time.

Let’s hit the highlights.

-Towards the end of February, I visited my widdle seester at Baylor University.
-We ate delicious barbecue.
-We watched Sing, an intense, musical-revue-like competition between Greek organizations. The talent, costumes, and sets were incredible. I kept having to remind myself that the people I was watching were all younger than me.
-Meagan kept me up past my bedtime to go tortilla tossing. Which is exactly what it sounds like. But way more fun than it sounds like.
-We ate pancakes the size of plates. I had a Gingerbread Pecan pancake that was particularly scrumptious, along with a chocolate chip pancake. Spring break!
-Dressed in striped jerseys that mark members of the Bear Pit, we made our way to the Baylor v. Oklahoma game. Thanks to one of Meagan’s hallmates, I had a student ID that got me into the game for free and a seat practically right under the basket. I got to learn the traditional cheers, and embarrassed Meagan with a few improvisations aimed at the referees. Baylor won.
-That night we played cards with our grandparents. I did not win.
-After two and a half days back in KC, I got on another plane—this time to London.
-I spent an amazing week in Oxford, reuniting with dear friends and revisiting some of my favorite places.
-Except for The Perch. My favorite pub. Which was closed. When we walked miles (lit’rally) to get there. If I’m honest, I felt a little teary.
-I drank lots and lots of tea.
-And ate lots and lots and LOTS of good food. Whoever said England isn’t known for its cuisine clearly has never eaten a meal in Wheeler 5 with Abbie and Fran.
-After forty-five minutes of deliberation, I bought a Cath Kidston bag. I love it.
-I played tourist and got to take lots of pictures with my new camera. I’m still working on uploading and editing all of them. Stay tuned.
-I got back to KC with exactly $1.35 in my bank account. I still can’t decide if that was a brilliant or bone-headed move.
-Jet lag and Daylight Savings Time hit me hard, and at the same time, so I was exhausted for another week after getting back.
-That didn’t stop me, though, from having an incredible time on the front row at the Avett Brothers’ concert in Wichita.
-Since then, I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things.
-But then, one of my favorite professors from Jewell emailed me with an ad for a Public Relations internship at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Google it—the building is astounding.
-I submitted my cover letter and resume last Friday.
-Within five minutes, they responded and asked when I could interview.
-I interviewed on Tuesday. I wore a suit and pearls.
-On Wednesday, they called and offered me the position.
-I start tomorrow! It’s unpaid, so I’ll be at the Kauffman from noon to 6 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then I’ll continue to work at the law office the rest of the time. I’m so excited for everything I’m going to learn, and for all the writing I’ll get to do.
-And now, I promise I’ll never, ever leave this blog again for so long. Thanks for sticking with me.

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