Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: The Year in Photos

2011 started with shooting gingerbread
houses with a shotgun.
January: It snowed. A lot.

February: Got the coolest bruise ever when
I fell up (yes, up) the stairs.

March: Choir trip to Nashville
meant awesome photo ops,


April: We got our Oxbridge medals and
pretended to know what freedom would feel like.

April: Started dating this guy.
Accidental matching ensued.

Also note how swollen my face is.

May: Wittle sister gwaduated.

June: Heather got married!

July: Second best meal of the year
at the infamous Cyclone Corral.

So. Hot. All. Summer.

September: Moved into this cute little Kansas residence.

September: Lil Smoky came to live with us.

October: We ran.

December: Spent hours wrapping presents.

December: My right hand man is now
a 2nd Lieutenant in the United
States Marine Corps.

Closed out 2011 with this view from the back deck.

For the first time, I haven't the slightest clue what the coming year will bring. I do know, though, that the pictures will be way better, because they'll all be taken with this puppy.

Bring it on, 2012.

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  1. March: Saw me! Let's aim for longer than 1 1/2 hours this year...