Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beginning of the End

I was on the Quad the other day and ran into a friend I hadn’t seen all term.  We had a nice little chat, and he asked me if I’d updated my blog lately.  “No,” I said. “I’ve gotten so behind—it’s too daunting to deal with right now!”  “Too busy living life to write about, huh?” he said.

So that’s my excuse.

We’re going to leave the traveling stories for now; maybe I’ll make that a summer project.  Briefly: After Prague, Annie and I went on to Salzburg, which is by far my favorite city of all I’ve visited.  I then flew back to London on my own, and my family came in the next day!  We had a wonderful week together, even if some of the circumstances were less than ideal.  After they left, I went to Paris by train and met Annie and some other kids from OOSC.  I ended up doing most of Paris on my own, as I had a much tighter timeframe than everyone else.  It wasn’t my favorite city ever, but I did run into Kelsey McGuire in front of the Musee d’Orsey — definitely the highlight.  From Paris I went to Amsterdam, and Megan met me there the next morning.  Amsterdam is beautiful, and the Dutch people are absolutely lovely.  After Amsterdam the two of us went to Berlin and had a history-rich couple of days there.  Megan then went home to Oxford, and I took a day-long train ride to Krakow, Poland on my own.  I spent a day at Auschwitz and another exploring Krakow before going home to Oxford.  The next couple weeks were all about catching up on sleep, fending for myself in the kitchen, listening to plenty of This American Life, laying in the Parks for hours, watching all the American TV I had neglected during Hilary term, and just a little bit of reading.

Now it’s Wednesday of 6th week of Trinity term, and the end is rapidly drawing near.  This term has been joyfully hectic.  The chaos began on May Day, really.  For the sake of Oxford tradition, we stayed up all night and were at Magdalen College by 5:30 am to hear their choir sing and welcome Spring.  A full English breakfast afterwards made it all worth it, as did the six hours of sleep I managed to get after that.