Sunday, March 28, 2010

Conceding defeat

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I will never, ever be on top of this blog, chronologically speaking, and I apologize. I love writing, but so much of my life in term-time is centered on this fact that when I'm not working, I have to turn my brain off.  But I'm constantly turning words over in my brain, figuring out their precise placement in the sentences I want to use to describe what's before my eyes.  I just never get those words down.

Here's a quick summary of things I still plan on covering once my life slows down.
- I wrapped up my second term at Oxford. Academically, uninspiring. Socially, brilliant.
- I went to Prague.
- I went to Salzburg.
- My family came to visit.

That underwhelming vagueness will have to suffice for now-- I'm leaving for Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Krakow in the morning.  I'll be back eventually, with even more stories than I've already collected, and I'm hoping to use the rest of my vacation to actually put them to paper. Er, screen.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Merrily, merrily

It’s the beginning of 7th week, Hilary term, and I’ve just realized I’ve only blogged about Christmas break trips and asinine events on my walks home.

So I can ease my guilty conscience, and further avoid beginning this week’s massive reading list, I’ll begin posting some categorized updates on what I’ve gotten up to this term.

If you remember correctly, I hated rowing last term. Loathed. Abhorred. Would rather have shards of glass in my eyes.  Our coach was the best combination of expletives I can produce, we had two early morning outings and an afternoon every week, and I was really, really rubbish at the whole thing.

Oh, how things change.

Prepared to quit, I attended the first meeting with our new captain, Rosie.  We’re already good friends, so I at least wanted to hear her out before I dropped the bomb.  She emphasized that she wanted, more than anything, for us to have fun, to have an enjoyable experience since last term was so crap.  On top of that, there was the guilt I’d live with if I dropped out—they’d be a girl short in the boat.  Besides, they were on the hunt for a new coach, and they promised that the one they found was absolutely lovely.
I agreed to stick with it, but threatened to quit if anyone made me run in a pack.

Also, most importantly—no more morning outings.