Sunday, February 14, 2010


Okay, forgive the two posts in one day-- I wouldn't normally indulge in such narcissism.  But I HAD to share what I learned tonight.  First, let's recap a few of the language barriers I've had to get over:

pants vs. trousers
cookies vs. biscuits
stroller vs. pram
movie vs. film


Tonight, we had a rowing get-together, and I brought along some sugar cookies I'd baked and a can of funfetti frosting, imported from the US.  The frosting was pink, and the lid held some Valentine's sprinkles.  I got everything out and put it on a desk, and someone asked me what was in the lid.
"Sprinkles," I said.
She looked at me.
"Oh, geez," I said.  "Don't tell me you have a different name for these, too."
"Those are hundreds of thousands," she said.
"I'm sorry-- what??"
"Hundreds of thousands!" She then proceeded to show the lid around the room and take a poll on the proper name for the little sugary bits.  It was unanimous-- hundreds of thousands all around.

By far the WEIRDEST phrase yet.

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  1. WHAT?!! I literally commented out loud when I heard this. What are these people thinking? Such a long name for sprinkles!